It’s here!!  It’s finally here! The weekend many have waited for. The unofficial beginning of summer where it seems like every other house has a grill going, music playing and (if there’s not a shortage of water) inflatable and hard bottomed kiddie pools galore. Usually this weekend is filled with beach trips, suntan lotion and late night chats.  However, for some, it’s filled with sadness and sweet memories that will never fade or be replaced with new memories with that person.

For some, this will never be the beautiful, glorious weekend those of us who’ve been blessed to be allowed to experience. So many have given the ultimate sacrifice so that others would never experience, the call or knock at the door telling them their loved one is gone due to war.

So if you’re planning to be out and about this weekend and you happen to see a veteran walking around, please do not tell them Happy Memorial Day. You may, if you so choose, thank them for their service but please do not tie it to Memorial Day. Some of them may be walking around thinking of their fellow service member who did not make it home when they did and because of that, it can be a tough holiday for them as well. For us, it will always be a time of remembrance for MA2 Sean Brazas who was called to go to the front lines one month before my husband. He lost his life and it was his spot my husband was to replace seven weeks after we had our daughter. You may remember me speaking about my husband and his job in post about Max the Movie.

MA 2 Sean Brazas
MA2 Sean Brazas

So you see, while this day is one of happiness and relaxation for some, there is always someone out there who has the watch so they can be happy and relaxed. Sometimes these people don’t make it back home to see their families and friends. That’s who we’re to remember. That’s who we’re to never forget. They paid the price for us to do that and we should honor their ultimate payment.

Until next time, hug your family and friends tighter, say a prayer for the families of the fallen and think of those who lost their lives defending your ability to enjoy this holiday. By the way, my family and I will be observing the holiday so my next post will be Tuesday, 29 May.

Have a safe and relaxing weekend!

Memorial Day