*Now that I begin work on Sunday and will not have the time I used to in order to have these shenanigans with my daughter again, I’m re-posting this blog entry because it’s one of my favorite stories of the first Mother/Daughter trip my kid and I have taken and because it makes me laugh.  I hope you find some enjoyment as well.*


This evening, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before – take a trip with our four-year old kid alone and by driving the entire distance. Somehow I feel as if I did not completely think this thing through. Or, perhaps I did think it through but circumstances changed and that took my perfectly thought out plan, wadded it up like a tissue paper and tossed it all the while replacing it with its own plan.

But in my quest to be more positive, I’m choosing to look at this as more of a mommy/daughter bonding trip. We’ll laugh and sing and complain about how hungry we are and think the all important question of are we there yet? It’s also a test of my patience,  my negotiating and diplomatic skills and trust of self. It’s best we do this so I’d know how things will run when we do our cross country drive in December.

So for this Funday Friday, I’m listing my top five favorite funny Mother/Daughter memes that will best express my feelings about this weekend.



My husband asks me all the time, “how does it feel to have to deal with yourself”. This is exactly what he means. She has my rebellious nature and she is none too quick to remind of it. I mention bedtime and I see it. I say she needs to eat something else other than pb&j, the “Little Tina” comes out. I say she needs to change clothes, the attitudes rears its head. Either way, I hate that I have to deal with it but she will be more than force when she necessary. After all, we’re raising a little girl to be strong and independent when she grows up.



For the same reason under number five, the above meme rings true. Our daughter is too cute and she knows it but her attitude is something else. She was born on an island with a volcano (Sicily, Mt. Etna) and her attitude and actions can erupt just as forceful. Takes a strong set of people to be able to handle her. Besides after her fourth or fifth comment about how something is not done correctly, they’ll want to give her back.



This child’s second language is called “my wallet”. Anytime we are some place and she sees those coin rides, she insists I have money for her to ride. I tell her that I don’t have any and she wants to check my wallet. If my husband is with us, she’ll ask to see his wallet too. But every single time, without fail, she insists that mommy gets her what she’d like or allows her to ride her favorite rides.  One thing she never does is claim I’m broke. I’m never financially challenged according to her. So glad somebody believes that money belongs with me. Now, will someone be a dear and convince money to believe it needs to stay with me just as much as my daughter believes? Thanks in advance!



Ah, yes! Our daughter as been in the kitchen with me since before birth. Her preferred meals are all home-cooked and she enjoys being a help in the kitchen. However, whenever I’m making desserts, her first instinct is to look at me with those sweet brown eyes, give me a smile and say, “Mommy, may I have…” It’s too late, I’ve already shoved a beater into her hand while I grab the other. We toast and then we indulge. I’m so proud of myself for remembering to turn the beaters off and dislodge them from the electric hand mixer. I’m such a great mom! Truth is, I hurt my lip trying to lick them while it turning when I was a kid and I don’t want the same to happen with our kid. I don’t know how I would explain that to CPS.

Last but not least…



I don’t think I need to brag about having this superpower. Just know I can do this along with the addition of a dog, cat, running toilets and loud neighbors. But I digress.

Your Turn

Do you have a favorite Mom meme? If so, let me know in the talk to me section below.

Until next time, wish me luck, great GPS directions, a working Nabi and snacks for the kid and a big bottle of wine for me! I’m pretty sure I will need all of this. In the meantime, I’m leaving you with the Top 10 Mom-isms that I’m absolutely sure most of them will come out of my mouth at some point within the next twenty-four hours.