Good Monday morning to you!  I hate to do this but I feel the need to start the week off with a rant post given that I was going to start this month off with Motivational Mondays. Perhaps this will encourage Saturdays and Sundays to stick around a little longer. Please note that this has nothing to do with anyone in particular but let me just say that I know there are some people out there who work the weekends and may be off on Mondays.  This rant excludes you because I understand your need for the weekend to fly by as quickly as possible. However, for those of us who get to enjoy the weekend off, you might like this rant.


Who in the world made the weekend so mad/scared that it comes and goes so quickly now?  Every week when the weekend hits, it’s like it’s fearful of staying a while so it vanishes as quickly as it comes.  Who is messing with the weekend like that? Let it stay a while. Let it linger for a moment so we can all truly relish it.  It’s funny how times change. I remember as a kid loving the weekends because it seemed so long. That’s probably due to me having chores to do around the house and it never seemed to end, but that’s besides the point. Nowadays, I can wake up at 8 a.m., sit on my couch for what seems like a half a second, make and serve my family breakfast and then it’s like 1 p.m. We’ve done nothing. We’ve gone nowhere. We only did one thing which was eat and half the day is gone. By the time me and my family get ready to leave the house, it’s nearly time to think about dinner, which is not always financially and nutritionally ideal to do outside the house. So we come back to square one: home where I sit on my couch for what seems like half a second, make and serve my family dinner (if we did not pick up anything on the way home) and then it’s like bedtime.  Like, the day has decided that it wants zero parts of being the weekend and it wants to go. In that respect, Saturdays are just plain rude. Sundays are not much better because as soon as we get the memo that Sunday is just about over, the Smonday anxieties kick in.


So, after much deliberation, I’ve decided to forgive the weekend and show it kindness. I even wrote it a short poem called, “Dear Weekend”

Dear Weekend

I love you.

I miss you.

I need you.

So…(take it away SpongeBob Squarepants)


I’m pretty sure you’ve now got the point. I love my weekends! I love being with the family and enjoying whatever shenanigans we get into together. I’m also pretty certain that I’m not alone in this thought. While I know time waits for no one, I just hope it slows down on the weekends long enough for us to appreciate it. Perhaps each of us would feel a little more relaxed if our weekends were a little more slowed down than the rest of our week.  But for now, our only hope is that government cancels Mondays and by the looks of things, it’s not going to happen.


Until next time, let’s all hope that this week flies by as quickly as Saturdays and Sundays. But in the meantime, may your week go smoothly and in your favor!